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Uploading a picture

Hi All!rnrnThere are two ways to add a picture to your post.rnrn#1:rnrnIf you upload a picture with the "add picture" button below a post, then it will only add a little link. If you press this link then your photo will appear in a new screen. rnrn#2:rnrnBut if you would like to add a picture directly under your tekst then this is the way how to do it:rnrnUse a website like and press "choose file" and source your image.rnrnrnrnThen click the resize box, and click: 15" screen (800x600) :rnrnrnrn rn

Then press "upload now":


rnThere is a possibility that the website opens a little box were you need to type something to check if you are not a Robot. Just do it. A next screen appears with some links in it. Select the link, right click and copy it:rnrnrnrnNow go back to the forum and press this button:rnrnrnrnPast the link here:rnrnrnrnPress ok, and then your picture is added to your post:rnrnrnrnYou can add tekst above it or under it.rnrnPerhaps it seems complicated but believe me your get used to it very fast!rnrnGood luck, and if there are any question then just ask.