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Any news on when Rocrow will be available? Thanks Keith

Hi Keith,

We're still pressing on making late-stage adjustments to the final model. We want it to be on the nose before it's made available. I wouldn't want to give an exact date, as sometimes unexpected things happen, but sometime in March would be nice.


For those of you desperate to get going, get a cheapish model plane simulator (~£30) and start practising beforehand!

How is the rocrow development going I see from the post in January it was progressing well



Hi Steven, it's currently going very well! We're in the very final stages and hope to make the product available in the near future. At this stage, the best way to keep up to date with developments is to check our Facebook page, Wingbeat Rofalonry, if you haven't already.

Hi Matt

Will do -- another question for you --- can you use a different transmitter / controller with either the rofalcon or the rocrow -- one I am using at the moment is the spectrum dx8 --- or must you use the one with the kit