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Flying 1 handed?

By Nick fox: A guy on facebook was asking could you fly a roprey and raptor single handed? That's a tricky scenario, but not impossible. First of all, you would need to be a competent pilot. Then, you can actually get one handed transmitters to free up one hand. In the case of a pursuit falcon, it would be possible to have the falcon on a perch next to you, launch the roprey, get a bit of height and let it fly itself on a stabiliser so that you can be hands free long enough to pick up the falcon and slip her. We use spring back hoods without braces that allow a quick clean slip, but that is another story. When the pursuit falcon knows her job, you need the prey to have some height before you slip, maybe 100 metres altitude. So you do have a little time, but not much. In the case of a waiting on falcon, you could have the roprey hidden on a launcher and put the falcon up. This gives you plenty of time to pick up the transmitter, remotely launch the prey and control it while the falcon stoops. In the case of a goshawk or Harris Hawk, which we have not tried yet, you could do a remote launch and slip the hawk from the fist. You would need to be holding the transmitter in your spare hand, then use the controls with your glove still on, unless you used a mangala. So the answer is yes, if both you and your hawk know what you are doing. If you are uncertain, you will end up with a proverbial Chinese fire drill....